The Chin Up Project


The Chin-Up Project.

What is it? TCUP is an event in which, as a team, we all do chins for charity.

On the day (July 3rd), you simply show up, do as many chin-ups as you can, and add it to the team tally.

(If you’re yet to do your first chin-up, imagine how good it will feel to have a few people offering $50 per rep and you knock out 3 or 4 on the day!)

Our mission is to get 100 of you guys and girls to do at least one chin-up.

Over the coming months, we will be drumming up media attention and get all of the local businesses involved. Tell your friends and family about TCUP. It will be an awesome day.

When is it? It’s going to be held in July (Soul’s 5th birthday)

The goal? We’d love to raise over $10,000 for Beyond Blue, who support mental health in Australia and help fight depression and suicide. Our fundraising page is here.

This is just one of the many new things we have coming this year. As we promised, 2018 is going to be big!