Soul Client Michelle B

Soul Mosman - A great place for a workout staff always friendly & happy to see you for a fun, fast pace workout you must try Jordan's boxing session.

Soul Client Taylor Lowry

Normally I am someone who needs to see results quickly and with as much ease as possible but I knew that seeing results in the gym took time and hard work! What I didn't know was how much I would love going to the gym! I am a science student at the University of Sydney and in an average week I am able to go to Soul between 6-8 times. (Usually starting at 5:30am!) Cam, my PT has been working closely with me to improve my fitness and to achieve overall good healthy habits, in the gym and at home. Each session with Cam is different and personal to me, incorporating both cardio and strength. 10 weeks has gone by so quickly and I have loved the really diverse range of exercises, equipment and classes that Soul has to offer. All the trainers are awesome, they create a really close knit community, they are super supportive of your goals and are excited with your achievements! Can't wait to see where I'm at in another 10 weeks, even in a year! :)


Soul Client Jenny Farmer


I joined Soul Personal Training 2 years ago after having had shoulder surgery.  They helped me through my rehab and got me back to my pre-surgery fitness level.

For me, group classes are very important as they keep me motivated and Soul offers a great variety of these.  The trainers are supportive, encouraging and will cater to all fitness levels.

My trainer Josh is always positive, dedicated and challenges me in all my sessions which keeps me going from strength to strength.  He will always find a way to accommodate my aches & pains which means I truly get “personal” training and that I’m not just another face.  He also monitors my weight which prevents me from regaining the weight I have lost and keeps me honest. 

Shane, the owner, runs a professional gym which comes across by making it a great environment (not intimidating) to train in, whether it’s in a group class, your PT session or just going in to use the gym.

Soul Client - Stuart Dettman

"I joined Soul with the goal of improving my strength, reducing my injuries from running and to try something different. In the five months I've been training at Soul I am delighted with the results I've achieved - I've added lean muscle, reduced fat and my running is injury free! Having never been to a gym before, I was unsure of what to expect (and whether I was up to the task of gym training) but the experience has greatly exceeded my expectations! The gym has a very personalised feel to it and all the team working there make you feel very welcome.

I credit my Personal Trainer, Cameron, with the progress I've made over the last few months. He is a great motivator and the training program he has tailored for me is challenging, rewarding and fun. Cam's enthusiasm, energy and guidance has really focused me on the goals I want to achieve. I highly recommend Cam to anyone looking to improve their overall fitness, strength and physique."

Soul Client - Anouche

Having tried personal training before, and not having had much success, finding Chris at Soul Personal Training has been a surprisingly rewarding experience. With my wedding fast approaching Chris was able to help me achieve great results in a very short timeframe. He continues to push me just beyond my comfort zone, something I know I would not do if I trained alone. Chris is patient and caring in his approach as a trainer, and I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a support in achieving your fitness goals.

Soul Client - Jo

Chris is extremely personable with endless enthusiasm , even at 5.30 in the morning! He mixes each session up so you never quite know what to expect.

I thoroughly enjoy training under his guidance and feel that my goals are always listened to and met. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone in my network of exercise ‘novices’ or ‘junkies’.

Soul Client - Leah

In the short time that Chris has been my personal trainer, I've already noticed a big improvement in my overall strength and fitness. 
I was initially nervous to start training since I'd never walked into a gym before but Chris made me feel comfortable right from the start. He is professional, provides lots of encouragement and my workouts have been challenging and full of variety. I would definitely recommend Chris to anyone!

Soul Client - Mandy F

4 years ago I had surgery on my hip and even walking was painful, Since training with Chris, I have ran the Sydney 10k,  The City to Surf and am now training for the Sydney Half Marathon.  

Chris is always patient, encouraging, has spent time getting to know me really well and therefore  knows when to push me to achieve whilst still making training fun. 

I look forward to each session every week and always feel better afterwards, even if I ache afterwards.

If you are thinking about signing up for Personal Training Chris Roberts and Soul PT are a great choice, I cannot recommend highly enough.

Dave Lee - 40 Days of Fitness Winner 2016

If you are looking for a gym you won’t find a better one than Soul Personal Training. This may sound like a bit of a cliché but to be honest I haven’t had a better experience anywhere else. I have tried the regular gyms and training on my own with limited results (you know what I’m talking about, you start out with the best intentions but those can quickly fade along with the hopes of pumping iron like Arnie).

My experience at Soul Personal Training has been completely different. A personalised, fun but also professional approach is the winning recipe. The entire team (more like a family) at the gym are there to help and guide you in whatever you need.

I have been training with Alex for over 18 months now and have enjoyed (honestly) every session. Whether it has been training for specific events or towards the 40 days of fitness, Alex has kept the sessions fresh and interesting with a holistic approach to fitness and well-being. There are always the right levels of encouragement, feedback and being pushed (we all need to be pushed at times).

Thanks to Shane and the team at Soul Personal Training for another fantastic year!

David O'Toole - Lost 18kgs

Thank you to Shane and all the wonderful trainers at Soul Personal Training. In June 2014 I was 89kg and now I am 71kg and have dropped from 29% body fat to 13%. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful I now feel, with so much more energy and I no longer need my CPAP machine for sleep apnoea.

For many years I have tried so many diets and attempts to lose weight on my own, but with poor results and no motivation. After starting my training at Soul and with Shane the results have been nothing but amazing and the weight has stayed off and the motivation has continued.

I love the wonderful modern facilities and personal environment that Soul PT offers as well as the education that the regular seminars offer, it really is the difference compared to what the huge gym chains offer (or don't) I just love attending my sessions.

Thank you Soul, you have changed my life.

David O'Toole

I highly recommend Shane’s Soul Personal Training. It has made a huge difference to my life and well-being. I lost 15 kilos relatively quickly and instead of feeling tired and yo-yoing in weight, I’m stronger and feel great. It’s been 18 months and I’m still keen to go 3 times a week. The premises are nice and airy with a balcony for workouts plus brand new equipment. The trainers are great and you will definitely learn lots in a very friendly environment. My trainer Josh has been a great motivator/teacher and has consistently made the sessions interesting and fun. I’m leaner and stronger in my fifties than I have been for a very long time! Thanks Soul Personal Training.

Soul Client Mark

I’d given up on gyms! My experience – they enthusiastically sign you up and show little interest and you are on your own. I didn’t do well.

I’ve found that “Soul Personal Training” is different.

I’ve got help, advice and encouragement whenever I need it, and it is tailor made to my requirements. I see my trainer, Jess, twice a week and can train at any other time during the week (usually before work). I love the Strength and TRX group classes that they offer.

I’m seeing the results, fitter, much stronger and definitely happier. This is my best investment for my future health, fitness and wellbeing.

Soul Client Margaret

The Soul Personal Training studio in Mosman has a fresh and supportive vibe, Shane and the personal trainers in the studio show a genuine interest in your progress. All of the personal trainers are consistently learning about new areas of exercise and nutrition, the TRX training on the balcony area is great. Group exercise classes are fun, they are small classes and have variation each week in the workouts to keep it interesting. The celebrity talks and cooking classes are also fantastic, Celebrity Chef Dan Churchill’s nutrition and live cooking demonstration was definitely my favourite! My personal trainer Alex is amazing, he always has a new challenging exercise for me to try and makes each session different. I had a knee reconstruction last year and Alex has been there every step of the way for my recovery. His knowledge about nutrition and exercise ensure I never get bored and he keeps me motivated to push harder and get the most out of my time in the gym. Soul Personal Training is definitely the best training studio I have experienced. If you are looking for a personal trainer / gym, I highly recommend Soul Personal Training.

Soul Client Lisa

It's so great to walk into Soul, why? It has a really great vibe, people are happy because they feel so at ease whilst working out ! I look forward to my training sessions with Shane Cross,they are varied and never the same workout. Shane is a great motivator, always discussing nutrition and sharing in recipes to make for a healthier diet.
I love the fact the trainers go that extra mile to make sure you get the maximum benefits from your training, they do this by going to specialist training courses on TRX, trigger release, the latest in nutrition information.

I have really enjoyed the guest speakers especially Michelle Chevalley Hedge (nutritionist) who inspired us to look closely at our diets and throw out the low fat and sugar and embrace a more holistic diet of fresh foods.
Combined with the 40 days of fitness at Soul; wow so much more energy for life and a change that was very easy to keep going with.

The group exercises are a fun work out or even training by yourself, you are always welcomed at Soul !!

It's the best investment I've made into my life for a healthier me !

Soul Client Ann

Soul Personal Training is a dynamic and innovative personal training studio in Mosman.
Unlike a normal gym it is bright and airy with lots of windows and a large outdoor balcony also utilised for training sessions.
The trainers are extremely professional and keen to support clients to achieve their fitness goals.They are flexible and highly motivating.
Shane Cross ( the owner ) is always looking for new and different opportunities to support his clients - with challenges and joint promotions with other health professionals.
The studio is not intimidating - everyone really friendly.
I hate gyms - but I love Soul Personal training.

Soul Client Julie

As a founding member of Soul, I have enjoyed the personnel attention of dedicated trainers and the team who provides a friendly happy atmosphere ( even when I am grumpy) to train.
I love the way my program has been tailored made to my strengths and weaknesses and focuses on my target goals to continue losing weight and gaining strength and fitness. A GREAT BIG thanks to the Soul team !!

Soul Client Rob

Luciano lost 12.5kgs in 7 weeks.

Luciano lost 12.5kgs in 7 weeks.

A big thank you to the all the crew at Soul personal training, which have made me feel comfortable and welcomed every time.
A special thanks to Dave (my trainer ) and Shane, with their help I have lost 12.5kg in 7 weeks.

I now am the happiest I have been in a long time. I'm back into clothes I wore ten years ago.😊

I still have a long journey ahead of me, I know with the support of Soul I will reach my healthy body weight.  

Soul Client Luciano