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Things that should never pass your lips!

What food and drink should never pass my lips?

I prefer to never say never. There isn’t anything you should never eat or drink. Enjoy your life and have some fun. BUT… There are a few things you are better off keeping away from your pie-hole.

* Things that contain trans-fats. These nasty fats cause all sorts of bad stuff to go on inside your body. Luckily, regulations have caused companies to lower the amounts of them in foods - but some still contain far too much. It’s mostly in processed meat, like sausage rolls and meat pies, as well as things like doughnuts, cream-filled cakes and fried foods.

* Cocktails. I might get some strife for this, but there’s simply too much sugar in a general cocktail. One long island ice tea contains 33 grams of sugar. Guzzling down two of those over a night out is the same as sitting there eating over 16 teaspoons of sugar! Remember 4grams of sugar = 1 tsp of sugar.

* For the same reason, fruit juices in the supermarket are often a bad choice. Too much sugar with none of the goodness unprocessed fruit provides (fibre).

* I’m probably sounding like a broken record but soft drinks also make the list. Simply too much sugar. There’s a little theme of sugary-drinks going on here...

Blog Post by Mike Gostelow

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