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Mindset May Blog 3


You Must Believe You Are That Person.


We all have identities of who we believe we are. Our thoughts and behaviours are in line with this identity. We can attempt to shift thoughts and behaviours through affirmations and habits, but until you shift your identity you will not make major headway.

You don’t get abs and then become the person that has abs.

You become the person who has abs and then you get the abs.

The process of reaching a goal is always more important than the goal itself.

Your identity, beliefs and actions determine what you have. Not the other way around. That’s why the journey is so critical. It’s the mindset shift. Without realising the need to appreciate the journey goals become hollow and short-lived.

Start believing you’re the healthiest version of yourself, you’ve already reached your goal, and think about the habits you have and decisions you’re making. Once you believe you are that person, your actions and behaviours will follow. And when that happens, your physical appearance will reflect that.

Change starts from the inside.


Mindset May Blog 2


Think Like You Already Have It.


Think of a burger. A hot, slab of perfectly-grilled beef covered in melted cheese, caramelised onion, juicy tomatoes and crisp lettuce. Polished off by a bun so moist it would make the gods weep.

I bet just the thought this made you salivate. The mind can affect the physical body in many ways, this being one of them. Your thoughts, big or small, make up your reality.

In the same way, your physical body can affect your mindset. Spend a day, even an hour, with a depressed face, shoulder hunched and back stooped over. Even when your mentality is strong and confident, you’ll soon feel the depressive effects of this posture.

The body and mind are inextricably linked.

That’s why, in the quest for optimal health, your mindset is of utmost importance.

It sounds guru-esque, but you can change you physical form from the inside. It starts with self-talk.

Affirmations are present tense statements said in a way in which you believe them to be true. They are personal and meaningful to who you want to become.

You want to develop 3-5 intentional statements which resonate with your ultimate goal. Who do you need to become? What characteristics and behaviours do you have?

You’ll soon begin acting a way in accordance with these statements.

Leave negative self-talk behind and start thinking and talking like you are already there.


Posted on May 14, 2018 .

Take action… the right way!

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 2.11.51 pm.png

With January more than halfway through things are steaming up.


You, in particular.


The motivation of the ‘new year’ is waning and it’s back to routine. The goals you set for this year are still there… but is it a dream?


Not in this house!


That’s exactly why we themed this month as ‘Taking Action’.


You are more than capable of reaching your goals, with your combined effort with our support its possible.


You just need to take the right type of action.


Let your eyes ponder over the above graph.


Person A is excited for the new year and decides to change everything at once. They hit the gym hard (maybe too hard?), drastically cut calories and refuse to go out with friends.


Yes, they make progress. But it doesn’t last.

Soon, the rebound occurs and they are back to square one.


You are Person B.


You start a little slower. It’s manageable. You and your trainer have discussed the long-term goal and you realise it won’t happen overnight. This allows you to be consistent and, as the graph shows, make more progress.


The likelihood of you reaching your goals this year is not predicated on how hard you can go in the short-term. It’s how long you can keep going.

This directly comes from understanding what’s manageable. Commit to the things you know you can keep up.


It could be 3 gym sessions a week and eating 4 healthy meals a day (with no snacking).


It could be 4 gym sessions a week and counting every calorie.


We are all different.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing. It only matters that you’re Person B, slowing chugging away, building momentum and achieving real, sustainable results.


You’re more capable than you realise.


Take action on the things which matter. Build out your sustainable plan and commit to it.


Enjoy the results!

Mike Gostelow




Posted on January 23, 2018 .