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How to survive any social event

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Ever since the beginning of time we have been social creatures. Tuna swim in schools, geese fly in gaggles and human drink, eat and dance like it’s the 1970’s in fun-filled social groups.


It’s in these situations where we tend to go with the flow. Others are drinkings, so why not down a couple? Everyone else is chowing down on the cake and it feels odd not to join.


Many times, social events can be your downfall.


Here’s 7 tried and tested rules to survive any social event.


  • Eat beforehand

Eat a good meal with lots of protein and vegetables beforehand. You’ll never be in a situation where you feel like your stomach is eating itself and the only thing to eat is cheesecake.



  • Limit alcohol to 2 drink or low calorie options. And drink lots of water


Let’s be honest. You’re not gonna not drink. The better option is to set yourself some hard rules for the occasion.


Set yourself a drink cap. Ideally 1-2 and drink slow to space em out.


Choose low calorie drinks. Liquor with low-cal mixers, dry white wine and low-carb beers.

Drink lots of water. Alternate 1 drink with 1 water to spare yourself the feeling of a jackhammer beating away in your skull the next morning.



  • Stack up on the meat and veggies.


At lunches and dinners choose meals which have a lean protein source (your best bets are chicken, turkey, white fish, lean cuts of steak) and also come with lots of veggies.



  • Plan your ‘after’ meal.

It’s always a good idea to know exactly what you’re going to eat after an event. In the chance there’s no good options at your event, you don’t want to be starving and end up choosing whatever you can get your mittens on.

Plan ahead. You’re not you when you’re hangry.



  • ‘Taste’ dessert or order coffee instead.


In the situation where you can serve your own dessert, give yourself a wafer-thin bit. Taste it, enjoy it and move on.


If that’s not an option, opt for coffee or something similar instead.



  • Remember your goal.

Social events are often a mighty test of your willpower. Remember why you started at Soul in the first place, how far you’ve come and all you’re working towards.

Your goal is what keeps you moving forwards in those temptation-filled moments.



  • Know you can say no.


You’re in charge of all your decisions. No-one can force sausage rolls down your throat. Enjoy your social events, but know you can say ‘no thanks’ if someone offers you another drink or seconds.  


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You Must Believe You Are That Person.


We all have identities of who we believe we are. Our thoughts and behaviours are in line with this identity. We can attempt to shift thoughts and behaviours through affirmations and habits, but until you shift your identity you will not make major headway.

You don’t get abs and then become the person that has abs.

You become the person who has abs and then you get the abs.

The process of reaching a goal is always more important than the goal itself.

Your identity, beliefs and actions determine what you have. Not the other way around. That’s why the journey is so critical. It’s the mindset shift. Without realising the need to appreciate the journey goals become hollow and short-lived.

Start believing you’re the healthiest version of yourself, you’ve already reached your goal, and think about the habits you have and decisions you’re making. Once you believe you are that person, your actions and behaviours will follow. And when that happens, your physical appearance will reflect that.

Change starts from the inside.


Mindset May Blog 2


Think Like You Already Have It.


Think of a burger. A hot, slab of perfectly-grilled beef covered in melted cheese, caramelised onion, juicy tomatoes and crisp lettuce. Polished off by a bun so moist it would make the gods weep.

I bet just the thought this made you salivate. The mind can affect the physical body in many ways, this being one of them. Your thoughts, big or small, make up your reality.

In the same way, your physical body can affect your mindset. Spend a day, even an hour, with a depressed face, shoulder hunched and back stooped over. Even when your mentality is strong and confident, you’ll soon feel the depressive effects of this posture.

The body and mind are inextricably linked.

That’s why, in the quest for optimal health, your mindset is of utmost importance.

It sounds guru-esque, but you can change you physical form from the inside. It starts with self-talk.

Affirmations are present tense statements said in a way in which you believe them to be true. They are personal and meaningful to who you want to become.

You want to develop 3-5 intentional statements which resonate with your ultimate goal. Who do you need to become? What characteristics and behaviours do you have?

You’ll soon begin acting a way in accordance with these statements.

Leave negative self-talk behind and start thinking and talking like you are already there.


Posted on May 14, 2018 .

11 Festive Tips To Help You Stay In Shape Over Christmas


Yes! It’s that time of year. Christmas decorations are going up, kids are on school holidays and parties are being thrown left, right and centre.

It’s a time to relax and let your hair down.

Unfortunately, most of us can relate the Christmas period to increasing the link on our belt buckle. On average we put on 1-2 kilograms over this period. It may not sound like much, but research has identified that weight gained over this time is rarely lost.

On that note, here are 11 fun-filled, festive tips to help you stay in shape over Christmas.


1. You still have a goal - why change that now?

You and your trainer have been working towards a goal. Try to remember that goal and stay on track.

This time of year is no different to any other time. It just has a special name - Christmas.

Don’t let the festive spirit pull you away too strongly. Remember the reasons you started training with us at Soul. Let them be your bright, red nose guiding the way.

2. Plan sessions with your trainer and use the gym throughout the break.

Again, it’s no different to any other time of the year. Planning sessions in advance allows you to prioritise training and stay consistent.

We are still open over the holidays. Even if your trainer is away, there are others available who would love to help. Come in to use the gym and join the classes.


3. If you are going away, get some extra sessions in the books.

Use your holiday period as a time to book in extras in the lead up to your departure to put a few Christmas credits up your sleeve. Alternatively, book in some extra make-up sessions on your return.


4. Pack your gym gear.

Heading off on holidays isn’t an excuse to become a total lazy head. If you’re travelling, bring your joggers & workout clothes with you. Check your hotel and local area to see if it has fitness facilities. Anything is better than nothing.

5. Pay attention.

It’s buffett season. All you can eat galore. Dangerous times!

Pay attention to your hunger cues and be mindful of your eating. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Am I actually hungry enough for seconds?

  • How fast am I eating this dessert?

  • How did this sausage roll get into my mouth?

6. Avoid going hungry to parties

Simple and effective. Load up on protein and vegetables before going to a party you know will be filled with ‘less than ideal’ food choices.

7. Get out in the sunshine.

This is an amazing time of year, so make the most of it. Go to the beach, walk the Spit to Manly, take the kids down to the park or play some backyard games. It’s the season of outdoor activities. Netflix and chill can wait for the cold.

8. Drink in moderation.

Alcohol is a killer over the festive period. You tend to drink a lot more than usual, and that’s fine. I’m not saying not to drink. Just be aware of how much you’re guzzling down.

For some guidance:

  • 1 glass of red wine = ~130 calories

  • 1 Carona = 148 calories

  • 1 glass of champagne = ~150 calories

  • 1 long island iced tea = 276 calories

    9. Drink a lot of water.

More than you normally drink. It’s hot, so it’s good to stay hydrated. At parties, alternating one alcoholic beverage with one glass of water can save you a headache in the morning and some embarrassing stories to wake up to.

10. Aim to maintain.

It’s probably not the time of year for some massive health achievements. Getting through the Christmas period unscathed is celebration enough.

11. “Out of sight, out of mind.”

Lastly, when the party's all over, you’ll be surrounded by leftovers. Booze, snacks, chocolate and Grandma’s 10,000 calorie sausage casserole can cause some post-party damage to the waistline.

Put them out of sight. Give them away. Throw ‘em. If they are out of sight, they are out of mind.

Blog post by Mike Gostelow

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