Ways to a Healthier Christmas

Well folks, it’s that time of year once again, the time of year when we struggle to find parking spaces at the grocers, and our healthy habits previously formed go out the window, as we wait for the big man in red to come sliding down our chimneys. Here are some of my tips to enjoying yourself over the holidays while not blowing the calorie budget!


These days we can pretty much buy whatever it is that we are looking for, in a store. When it comes to food, the easiest option is often to go grab a jar of this, or a box of that. My suggestion (and perhaps challenge) this year, is to make more from scratch. Simple things like dips are the perfect example of something easy to grab, but also simple to make at home.

By making more of your own foods from scratch, despite the extra time you put into preparing it, they are often so much tastier than store bought products AND so much healthier. You know exactly what is in what you are consuming, and more frequently than not, you get more bang for your buck! That’s right, making your own will be cheaper majority of the time!

Forget Restrictions

This is not just a tip that I whip out in the holiday season, but one that I use all year round.

Your mindset is an incredibly powerful thing, and when we tell ourselves we “can’t have” a certain food or drink, it winds up being the only thing that we think about! So, rather than telling yourself that the Christmas pudding is off limits, allow yourself to have a smaller piece than what you normally would, or fit it into your macros for the day. You will find you are satisfied with what you get to have, and you’ll quite often find you enjoy it more because it feels special as you are allowing yourself to indulge!

Less Is More

In other words, leave the Christmas Stuffing for the turkey, rather than your stomach! We all know how much food there is available at Christmas lunch and dinner, so rather than over consuming in one sitting, fill your plate to the normal serving size you would generally have, and finish that. After waiting 20mintues, see if you are still hungry – if you are, go grab some more! It takes roughly this long for our brains to receive the hormonal signals that we are satiated, so pay attention to these signs, and listen to your body. This will help prevent you from overconsuming, and also reduce your chances of indigestion and heart-burn!

Beware of the Booze

It’s called the ‘silly season’ for a very good reason…and we all know why. Often around Christmas and New Year’s, alcohol is consumed more like water should be on a daily basis! While I am definitely not one to turn down a glass (or three), it is important to recognise that less is more. While alcohol can be a lot of fun, and is the social normal at celebrations, the units definitely mount up when we have constant events, and therefore, can blow out the number of calories we consume by thousands! My suggestion is to mix up your alcoholic drinks, with healthier alternatives such as water, Kombucha, or fruit infused soda water; OR alternate with your events – drink at one, and then the next, volunteer to be designated driver! Simple as that!

I hope these hacks will help save you from some of those looming Christmas calories that are waiting just around the corner, and that you remember to enjoy yourself! Celebrate life with your close family and friends, and make the most of any time you get off. You deserve it!


Posted on January 6, 2019 .