Your 7 Best Options for the Booze.


Which would you rather?

  • A 2-week old casserole

  • A sausage roll without the sausage

  • A piece of cheese pizza which was just sneezed on by your weird uncle.




Let’s be honest. None of them are amazing options. Similarly, when it comes to the booze, the best option will always be saying “No thanks, I’m all good!”



But that’s not always gonna happen. No no no sireee.


Sometimes, we love a dabble.




So here are the 7 best alcoholic options for you to enjoy and still make progress towards your goals.




1. The Staple - Vodka Soda



Hard to go wrong with the el classico. Clear alcohols are the lowest in both sugar and calories, making choosing healthier options simple. Stick to seltzer or soda water to minimise any sneaky additions.




2. Best Mates - Johnny Walker and Diet Coke



Here’s one for the crew who love their dark spirits. Always go for diet mixers.




3. Lightweight Stud - Light Beer



Light beer has one-third less calories than regular beer. It may not sound like much but it adds up quick (how many times do you have just one?). Light beer contains 100 calories while regular contains 150. Making the switch could save you big in the long run.




4. Raise Your Pinky - Red Wine Spritzer


A simple mix of red wine and sparkling water or seltzer can be a refreshing and guilt-free way to enjoy any special occasion. It’s almost half the calories of a normal glass of red with the bonus of being bubbly, stopping you from guzzling it down like you’ve just run a marathon.





5. Can You Handle The Heat? - Liquor on the Rocks



Give it to me straight. A shot of hard liquor on the rocks contains only 60-80 calories. A solid option if you can handle it.




6. Stay Classy - Gin and Seltzer



Skip the usual gin and tonic and make it a gin and seltzer. Tonic water contains a surprisingly high amount of sugar and calories (as much as any normal soft drink!).




7. Innocent Until Proven Guilty - Bloody Mary



A Bloody Mary is the perfect brunch drink. With little alcohol and a nutritious hit from the tomato juice and celery. Just be careful your bartender doesn’t try to add any sugar. You can even go crazy and make it a virgin Bloody Mary. Now we’re talkin.



Posted on July 10, 2018 .