How To Survive Dry July Without Losing Your Marbles.


Kudos to you. You’ve taken on the challenge of not drinking alcohol for a whole month (and if you haven’t, get involved - it’s for your own good!).


It won’t be easy. Nothing worth doing every is.


Take it on as a personal challenge. 31 days. You can do that!


Here are some tips on how you can survive Dry July without losing your mind.



Volunteer as designated driver.

Everyone loves the person who volunteers to drive as it means they can go get silly. It puts you in charge of making sure your friends are alright and ensures you won’t be pressured into drinking.



Avoid situations where you’ll be tempted to drink.


After-work drinks are just asking for trouble. Massive parties can also be your downfall. I’m not saying to become a hermit and refuse to leave the house for a month. All I’m proposing is to consider minimising situations where you know you’ll be pressured to have a drink.



Have a strategy in place for times when it gets uncomfortable


The urge to have a drink after a long day can scream at you. Most of our drinking is habitual and we do it because it’s always what we’ve done. Having a substitute for times like this can help dramatically.

For those social situations, think of a reasonable excuse to refuse a drink from a friend or colleague. “I’m pregnant,” is not a reasonable excuse (unless you actually are).



Remember it’s only 31 days.

Giving birth is hard. Recovering from a car-crash is hard. Not drinking alcohol for 31 days is NOT hard. It’s simply you versus you, and I know who is stronger.



Drink more water.


Take this chance to chug down more water. Every time you want a drink, that’s one glass.



Know that the urge to drink is only a combination of thoughts, bodily sensations and feelings - NOT an order you must follow.


Although it may feel uncomfortable at times, you’re always in charge of what you put in your body. The urge to drink can’t harm you in any way. Acknowledge it and either let it pass or learn how to manage it.



Think about your rig.


Your rig (AKA your body) will benefit immensely from a month of no alcohol. Most likely you’ll lose body fat, gain some muscle, your skin will glow and you’ll feel 100x more energetic. Those are some pretty sexy benefits.



AND, AS ALWAYS, YOUR TRAINERS ARE HERE TO  HELP. Any questions or dilemmas can be talked through and sorted out. We will work with you through such an intense month!


Posted on July 3, 2018 .