5 ways alcohol brings fat loss to a halt


Red lights suck!


I imagine a day where I get green lights all the way to work, cruising along, never having to slam on the brakes. It’s the dream.


I also imagine a day where I am in complete control of my fat loss and each time I step on the scale it’s heading in the right direction.


For this to happen, alcohol must be minimised as it’s the same as a red light. It brings your fat loss to a screeching halt.


Alcohol lowers your inhibitions so you make bad choices.


During the day just a whiff of a kebab from the greasy corner store can make you dry heave. But, late at night, alcohol-induced, this simple kebab may seem like the answer to all life’s problems.

Losing fat is often a battle of willpower. You vs you. When you throw alcohol into the mix it can send your willpower packing and leave you bingeing on fried finger-food.


The hangover blues.

And then there’s the next day…

How well do you stick to your exercise and nutrition plan when you’ve got a washing machine full of bricks spinning in your skull? Not very well. You get the night of drinking, and then you have to deal with consequences the day after. A double-hit combo against your fat loss goals.



Alcohol is a toxin :O

Your body doesn’t like alcohol and needs to get it out of your system ASAP. This means it will halt the burning of fats and carbs for energy until all of the alcohol is gone. It literally stops fat loss :(


Those pesky added calories.


On top of bringing fat loss to a screeching halt, you also have to factor in all of the sugar and carbs you’re drinking along with the alcohol. A few beers or bottle of wine can put a serious bulge on your carbs for the day. If you go for a cocktail just know some of them can have over 40 grams of sugar (that’s 10 teaspoons of added sugar!).



We <3 instant gratification.


Fat loss is a lesson in discipline - short-term sacrifices for a larger long-term success. It requires you to make decisions not based on emotions or immediate gratification and instead focus on the deeper long-term goals.


We use alcohol as a way to reward ourselves or relax after a long day. Instant gratification. Giving yourself too many of these rewards can stop you from developing the discipline and mindset needed for you to reach your fat loss goals.

Posted on July 16, 2018 .