How to survive any social event

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Ever since the beginning of time we have been social creatures. Tuna swim in schools, geese fly in gaggles and human drink, eat and dance like it’s the 1970’s in fun-filled social groups.


It’s in these situations where we tend to go with the flow. Others are drinkings, so why not down a couple? Everyone else is chowing down on the cake and it feels odd not to join.


Many times, social events can be your downfall.


Here’s 7 tried and tested rules to survive any social event.


  • Eat beforehand

Eat a good meal with lots of protein and vegetables beforehand. You’ll never be in a situation where you feel like your stomach is eating itself and the only thing to eat is cheesecake.



  • Limit alcohol to 2 drink or low calorie options. And drink lots of water


Let’s be honest. You’re not gonna not drink. The better option is to set yourself some hard rules for the occasion.


Set yourself a drink cap. Ideally 1-2 and drink slow to space em out.


Choose low calorie drinks. Liquor with low-cal mixers, dry white wine and low-carb beers.

Drink lots of water. Alternate 1 drink with 1 water to spare yourself the feeling of a jackhammer beating away in your skull the next morning.



  • Stack up on the meat and veggies.


At lunches and dinners choose meals which have a lean protein source (your best bets are chicken, turkey, white fish, lean cuts of steak) and also come with lots of veggies.



  • Plan your ‘after’ meal.

It’s always a good idea to know exactly what you’re going to eat after an event. In the chance there’s no good options at your event, you don’t want to be starving and end up choosing whatever you can get your mittens on.

Plan ahead. You’re not you when you’re hangry.



  • ‘Taste’ dessert or order coffee instead.


In the situation where you can serve your own dessert, give yourself a wafer-thin bit. Taste it, enjoy it and move on.


If that’s not an option, opt for coffee or something similar instead.



  • Remember your goal.

Social events are often a mighty test of your willpower. Remember why you started at Soul in the first place, how far you’ve come and all you’re working towards.

Your goal is what keeps you moving forwards in those temptation-filled moments.



  • Know you can say no.


You’re in charge of all your decisions. No-one can force sausage rolls down your throat. Enjoy your social events, but know you can say ‘no thanks’ if someone offers you another drink or seconds.