Are your friends a source of motivation or resistance?

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Like it or not, you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

There’s no denying that the people around you have a big influence on your habits, thoughts, feelings and actions. Your friends drink a lot, you probably do too. Your friends enjoy sports, most likely you do as well.

You influence them and they influence you -- it’s a fun back and forth relationship.

Until, that is, you decide to change things.

Many times your closest friends can be the ones to hold you back on your fitness journey. They enjoy the status quo and would prefer you to stay as you are. But, if you’d like to shed a little fat, feel a lot better and live a healthier lifestyle, there’s going to be some resistance.


Since your friends influence you so heavily, It’s of paramount importance that your friends are on your team.


There’s a few things you can do:


  • Suggest activity-based socialising like walking (your best bet), ping-pong, yoga or running up Awaba.

  • Be honest with them, tell them what you want to do and ask for their support.

  • Try to get them all involved in a healthy lifestyle.

  • Use them as your accountability partners.

  • Get them into one of the Soul classes with you (or to even join one of your PT sessions) for free this June.



At Soul, we want your circle of influence to be so supportive and empowering that it’s almost impossible to not succeed.

Get them down here in June.If your friends are training at Soul with you, you’ll get much faster results. And so will they :)


Posted on June 20, 2018 .