Mindset May Blog 5


Consistency Over Perfection.



If you ask me what the most important thing in getting in great shape is I’ll always answer with one, single word.




This is the most important factor which will make or break your success.

The fact is any health-related goal will take time to accomplish. We provide everything you’’ll ever need at Soul but that doesn’t take anything away from the work you’ll have to do. It’s not easy.


You must be consistent with your efforts over a long period. Show up, every single day, and do the work.


Aim to go to sleep a better person than the one you woke up as.


Perfection doesn’t exist. Don’t worry about being perfect. In the day to day heat of the battle it will come down to you saying, “Alright. Today I will do the things I know I need to do.”


Do your best and you’ll be rewarded.


Posted on May 28, 2018 .