Mindset May Blog 4

The Myth of Motivation.



Here’s how most people try to improve their health.


They wait for motivation to strike. Maybe they watch 300 and compare their bodies to the shredded physiques of the Spartans. Or maybe they see an old friend who is in much better shape than them.

Either way, motivation pulsates through them and spurs them into action. This surge of motivation inspires them to change everything at once - hitting the gym every single day for 10 days while only eating chicken and broccoli.


This lasts for the 10 days and then the gym isn’t thought about for months.

In passing, they see the same friend again… and the cycle starts again.


Here’s the truth: motivation doesn’t work.

Motivation -> Inspiration -> Action = wrong.


If you’re waiting until your motivated to do something you’ll never get far. Here’s how it really works:


Action -> Inspiration -> Motivation.


Action comes first. Action creates inspiration. Action creates motivation. Relying on inspiration is unsustainable, immature, and limiting. Yet, this is the framework for how most people live their lives.


“Action is not just the effect of motivation; it is also the cause of it.” -Mark Manson


If you don’t feel like going to the gym, realise that you’re unmotivated in that moment. To create motivation, take action. Put on your gym clothes. Listen to gym music. Chuck on your runners. Sit in the car. Drive to the gym. Small actions create momentum and motivation. Once you’re at the gym, you’ve won.


Inspiration is fleeting and unreliable; you can go months without it. To rely on it is not a winning strategy. Ignore inspiration — if it’s there, great. Use it. If it’s not, act anyway. This is how you create sustainable motivation in the first place.


Instead of waiting to “feel” like you’re ready, act before you’re ready.


You are in charge of your life — your actions, behaviors, and choices. You can act despite not feeling inspired.


It doesn’t matter how you feel. Act anyway.


Posted on May 21, 2018 .