8 lesser known benefits of strength training

Along with the obvious - all the toning, shaping and defining - aspects of strength training here are a few more good reasons to pick up those dumbbells.



1. Progress!


It is much easier to be able to map out progress with strength training. Did an extra rep of the same weight this week? Progress! Added an extra 2.5kg to your sets of squats this week? Progress! Small improvements build the stepping stones to larger goals.


Being able to see yourself get stronger each session does wonders for your motivation.


2. Improved relative strength.


That is improving how strong you are compared to your own body weight. As you become stronger without increasing your overall mass you will begin to find exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, squats, lunges and walking up stairs much easier.


3. Increased energy.


Based on the relative strength point if everyday tasks become much easier you will find you have much more energy as you don’t feel as drained. Being stronger means your body doesn’t have to work as hard to do everything and you won’t be fatigued nearly as much.


4. Mindset.


Going off progress, you will find your mindset shifts during strength training. It goes from ‘I need to run an extra 15mins to burn off that doughnut’ to ‘I need to press this weight 10 times to beat my last result from last week. That switch from exercising for negative reasons to exercising for self-improvement is a far healthier way of approaching exercise in the long term and will do wonders for consistency, which is the most important factor of all.


5. Better sleep.


Exercise has a good impact on improving sleep patterns. After a hard strength training session, you will know exactly what I’m talking about. This is going to extend into other aspects of life as you feel more alert in the daytimes and find getting to sleep easier.


6. Reduced risk of injury.


Developing strength through full ranges of motion around joints is the best way to protect them from any unexpected situations. Also strengthening your core through functional full body movements will reduce any chances of ‘throwing your back out.’


7. Less stress.


Stress buster 101: exercise regularly. Strength training requires focus and you will find yourself forgetting about everything else. Also letting that deep seeded aggression out on some heavy deadlifts is great for blowing off steam ;)


8. Less anxiety and depression.


Regular exercise, especially strength training due to the positive hormonal response, has been shown to improve mood within people with mild depression. Studies show that there is also a brain response to exercise making strength trainees less susceptible to anxiety.


Posted on March 12, 2018 .