The Soul Nutrition Guidelines - Part 2.

Allow me to paint you a pretty picture.


You’re driving along in your car and something feels off.


Pulling over, you notice one of your tyres is flat. What a pain.


Like any good Australian, you grab your hunting knife from the glovebox and slash all of your other tyres. You have one flat so you may as well ruin the others, too.


Make sense?




It doesn’t.


That’s the story of point 13 of Soul’s Nutritional Guidelines.


Behold the final six.


8. Most of your food should be hunted, fished, gathered or plucked. Foods with labels are made for company profits - not your health.



9. Not eating the correct carbs is often the reason your body fat isn’t changing. (Carbs will get their own post in the future, but think gluten, fruit, sugar, processed.)



10. If you’re not regular, add more fibre to your diet and reassess your lifestyle. It’s more important than you think!



11. If you think your food is boring, remember you made it that way.



12. Food doesn’t express guilt and neither should you eating it.



13. There’s no such thing as a cheat meal. You’re an adult and you make choices. It’s only cheating if you lie about it. (refer to point 12 - don’t feel guilty, just get back on track)



And that wraps up the guidelines.


Print them out and stick them on the fridge. Take them to work and show your colleagues. Memorise them to show your trainer how committed you are.


Or just glance back and review them, choose which ones you’d like to integrate first, and go from there. (although I would be impressed if you memorised them).


Remember to keep your eyes peeled for upcoming nutrition seminars. You’ll learn all sort of useful things. That’s a guarantee!


And of course, if you have any questions, comment, email or ask your trainer. We are here to help :)


Posted on April 16, 2018 .