The Soul Nutrition Guidelines - Part 1.

You have 168 hours in a week.



If we are lucky, we get to see you for 2 or so of those hours (but sometimes even less!).



It goes without saying that what you do in the other 166 hours matters. A lot.



Sleep, stress, walking, movement, hydrating, nutrition; they are a big part of the picture. On the grand scheme of things, a much bigger part than the 2 hours spent at the gym.



(Yeah, all the fun stuff!)



Everyone knows they are important but the actual ‘doing’ is harder than it sounds.



That’s why we have a few of the Soul Nutritional Guidelines for you to ponder today.



Feast your eyes on the first 7.



1 . Eat till you’re 80-90% full, not until you get bloated, constipated or ‘always’ full.



2. Don’t wait too long between meals that you get so hungry you make bad food choices.



3. Eating every 2-3 hours is favourable for body composition, so if you’re hungry - eat! (make sure it’s actual hunger and not boredom)



4. But don’t eat ‘snacks’. Have proper meals. A proper meal has a quality protein source.



5. Develop a routine. The fewer decisions you have to make, the less likely you’ll make poor food choices.



6. Make a meal in this order - protein source, fat source, vegetable source, carb source. Priorities matter.



7. Act as if you’re the healthiest version of yourself who has already achieved your goals - would you make the same decisions?



Simple and effective. Nothing groundbreaking, but if you follow the above guidelines you’re going to be healthier than 90% of the population.



Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming nutritional seminars held at the gym.



We will soon be taking small groups for amazing seminars to help you absolutely nail this huge part of your health and life.



Soul Mosman



P.S. We will finish off the rest of the guidelines in part 2. First, let these ones digest (get it? Digest?? Because we are talking about nutrition… dad jokes)


Posted on April 10, 2018 .