The 3 things which make up 90% of your results


So many things in fitness.







A little discussion between a few of the trainers revealed some golden nuggets on this fact...



...the main three things you need to focus on which make up 90% of your results.



1.Being mindful & deliberate in your food choices (and accountable to your actions)



Eat purposefully to satisfy your hunger, not appetite. Eat slowly and mindfully. Make smart choices. When you don’t make the best choice, be responsible and get right back on track.



2. Exercising hard FOR YOU in a progressive manner.



Exercise is personal as everyone has different capabilities and capacity. You need to make sure your pushing yourself in the context of your own ability, and each day getting better.



3. Staying the course


One week on and one week off doesn’t work. You need to be consistent. If something derails you, you work hard to stay the course and develop ways to overcome obstacles. You are playing the long-game here.


The other 50,000 things make up the remaining 10%.


In the big picture, they don’t really matter.

blog post by Mike Gostelow

Posted on February 26, 2018 .