March Madness @ Soul Mosman


Announcing the competition for the month of March: MARCH MADNESS.

We all know how important movement is for your health.

On average, we Aussies spend 10 hours a day sitting down. (Commuting, eating, work and TV all adds up!). That’s an alarming number.

So, in March, let’s try to move more.

Walking is the simplest way to move. It’s an ancient health secret. Low impact, low intensity, a nice calorie burner and anyone can do it.

The standard goal is 10,000 steps a day, which equals about two hours of walking. Plenty doable over a whole day.

Because movement is so important, we thought we would make a competition out of it :)


March Madness will have some awesome prizes on offer:

  • Most Steps In A Day - Sports massage

  • Most Steps In A Week - One pair of shoes from Pace Athletic

  • Most Steps In The Month of March - $350 cold hard cash


(There will be a participation chart up on the wall for you to mark every day you complete your 10,000 steps too.) 

Charge the Fitbits, Apple watches and the Garmins, the race is on.

We can’t wait to see you walking past the gym!




P.S. Only one prize per person. Everyone’s got a shot!


P.P.S. Shane thinks he will have the most steps by the end of the month. Any challengers???

Posted on February 20, 2018 .