Perfection Is Overrated

This is how it is, plain and simple. We Are Human. What does that mean you ask? It means,

even if we believe otherwise, we are not perfect creatures. Not one single individual on this

planet is perfect. No one has the perfect smile, the perfect hair, the perfect abs, the perfect

bum, the perfect biceps, the perfect attitude, the perfect relationship; the perfect house,

the perfect kids. No one’s life is perfect!

No matter which way you look at it, ‘perfection’ is all a distorted perception of society which

has been shaped by media and television over decades. Now I’m not hating on the media

and TV guys, they do a great job! But when we feel like we can’t keep up with what we

believe to be ‘being perfect’, our reactions can often at times be detrimental to other areas

of our lives, that in their own distinctive ways, actually are perfect, and suit each and every

one of us as unique beings.

I’m the first to admit that never in my life have I been perfect. I have been wearing glasses

since I was 5; I never excelled at anything at school; I never felt like my body was good

enough; my diet is balanced but still isn’t much to gloat about; I never go to the gym on all

the days I say I will; I pretty much always drop or burn roughly 10 (maybe more) serves of

food every day at work; I barely see my chiro; I spend too much money on coffee; I always

forget to pack my lunch…should I go on or have you got the picture?

My point is, we all go around with this idea in our heads that everything we do in our lives

needs to have every corner crisply tucked at each end, when in actual fact we’re always

going to have creases in the sheets. Our imperfections are what allows us to actually be who

we are.

‘Would I be me if I had 20/20 vision?’ No.

‘Would I have found my passion for food and writing if I got 100% in everything at school

and uni?’ Maybe, but I doubt I would have found it as quickly as I did.

‘Would I have more money if I stopped spending it all on coffee?’ Yes! But I wouldn’t be

greeted by the lovely people behind the counter with “Just the usual?”, as I drag my sorry

hungover ass into my local cafe on a Sunday morning.

I believe we need to FOCUS LESS on the things we believe we are MISSING OUT on BECAUSE

of our imperfections, and FOCUS MORE on WHAT WE GAIN because of them. We need to

accept that while we may try, we won’t always make the right decisions, and the next move

in our lives might not always be on the right path – but we need to realise that this move is

what is going to lead us to where we ultimately should be.

The mistakes that we make throughout life will educate us, but only if we are willing to open

up and listen to them. And that is what life is all about! After all, we develop as people

through trial and error. Therefore, if we were to ever reach perfection and we never made

another mistake in our lives – how would we continue to grow and learn?

I hope this helps at least one person to release some of the pressure they might be feeling,

and just let go of those things we cannot control. Not everything is perfect in life, and that is


See you soon!


Posted on November 27, 2018 .