10 MIN PRE WORKOUT // Mobility Routine (Full Body)

Mobility is king! Strength through the entire range of movement is imperative for injury prevention and optimal performance. 

POSTURE: Developing the entire length of our muscles means we can make the uncomfortable comfortable and withstand the postural challenges of today’s society. 

PERFORMANCE: Whether it’s sport, body appearance, or fat loss being mobile and strong through movement pattern ranges will ensure “bang for buck” and not cut corners!

INJURY PREVENTION: Which joint actions are impeded by mobility? Can you rest in a squat without discomfort? Can you touch the floor with straight legs? These restrictions are injury’s waiting to happen, for example tight hamstrings often lead to lower back pain due to their attachment relationship. 

FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: Ever do a class or see a movement on instagram and say “I’ll never be able to do that….”, becoming more mobile allows us to explore the ranges of movement and open the door to feats of strength, flexibility and skill that were previously…..impossible/improbable. Get mobile, get free!

The below is a 10 minute mobility routine to ensure you are ready to go before and full body training session or just to be used daily for mobility gains!

1: Squat to Stand
2: Shoulder disclocations
3: Lunge thoracic rotations
4: Jefferson Curls

Posted on February 10, 2017 .