Surviving Christmas & New Years

So the silly season has officially begun and we know what that means! Yes the party invites are arriving and your thinking how do I get through this without undoing all the hard work I’ve put forward this year towards my health & fitness goals. That’s why we at Soul have put together some top tips to make it through the silly season unscathed.

Not So Fun Fact – Did you know over the Christmas & New Year period the average Male puts on 5kgs & average Female 3kgs.

With that said please read the following –

1.    Set some Goals for the new year & plan sessions with your trainer throughout the break. Alternitively some other trainers will be available over the holidays. Soul will be open throughout the break so yes come in train, use the gym & classes. Even if its only 30mins. Please see our modified timetable displayed at the gym.

2.     Going Away? Use this as a time to book in extras in the lead up to your departure to put a few Christmas credits up your sleeve or alternatively book in some extra make-ups on your return in January.

3.     Parties – If your hosting make the most of experimenting with some new healthy recipes! Try the healthy chef here she has some great Christmas alternatives. Not hosting? Don’t worry use this as a time to test your self-discipline. Self discipline is like a muscle the more you use it the stronger it gets.

4.     Take lessons from 40 Days of Fitness – Take the foundations of the 40 Days of Fitness & make it a lifestyle. Ill repeat that again it’s a Lifestyle! Nourish your body, Move daily, Sleep more & Stay hydrated.

5.     Don’t throw away your FitBit. Keep aiming to hit your 10k/daily.

6.     Alcohol - All in moderation. Choose wisely remembering 1 Standard wine measures 100ml = 130-150cals so do be aware of your options.

Stick to the ratio of 1 Alcoholic beverage : 1 Glass of Water.

Don’t be embarrassed to stay on that glass for a long period of time.

7.     Get outside – Try some activities to mix it up, your probably off work so why not hit the beach, snorkel, trail walks, bike rides, swimming or even some backyard cricket with the kids.

8.     Pack your gym gear! If you’re travelling abroad don’t forget your joggers & workout clothes. Check the hotel to see if it has fitness facilities or if there are any nearby also try get there at least twice/week. Trust me your body will thank you for it.

Stay tuned for our body weight workout videos you can do at home or hotel gym if your struggling without equipment.

Most of all enjoy the break you have deserved it. Thank you for your support throughout 2016 looking forward to an even better 2017.

Soul Personal Training Mosman

Posted on November 22, 2016 .