Keys to a Successful 40 Days of Fitness

Keys to a Successful 40 Days of Fitness

The 40 days of Fitness is right around the corner so we thought we would compile some top tips from previous winners to help you towards a successful 40 Day campaign.

1. Goal Session with Trainer - use this as a chance to lay the platform for the next 5 weeks. Without a goal that means something to you is just another pointless goal so take the time to think of Why do you want to achieve this? What is going to motivate you to get there? What will you feel like when you achieve this? This is where you (depending on your goal) do your weigh in, measurements, body composition markers, Before photo & nutritional requirments. After this go and place your name up on the chart in the studio and track your progress with the following options - Option 1 - 10k Steps/Day or 40 active Minutes. Option 2 10k Steps/Day or 40 active Minutes, My Fitness Pal. Option 3 10k Steps/Day or 40 active Minutes, 40 Day Lent. Option 410k Steps/Day or 40 active Minutes, My Fitness Pal & 40 Day Lent.

2. Tracking your Progress - This year we would like our clients to track both their Nutrition and Fitness through some very helpful apps. 1 is your MyFitnessPal account where you track your nutrition according to your daily nutrition allowance (carbs, proteins, fats) clients who track there food are 90% more likely to achieve their goal. 2 is your Fitbit, in this years 40 Days we are challenging people to hit a minimum of 10k steps/day or 40mins of active exercise daily the fit bit is very easy to use simply slap it on your wrist and get moving! The device is compatible with Iphone & Android. If you would like us to purchase one for you please speak to your trainer.

3. Group Exercise & Studio Access - Utilise this tool to get your extra steps or calories burned. We have a wide variety of group classes for you this 40 Days try attending up to 2-3 classes each week. If your unsure which one please don't hesitate to ask your trainer.

4. Meal Preparation - "Fail to Plan is Planning to Fail!" Haven't we all heard that before? But its so true planing out exactly what your meals are going to be will go along way towards achieving your goal. Get a list with your 6 meals/day over 7 Days and write exactly what you are going to eat then shop accordingly. "Cook once eat twice" This simply means leftovers are king! When cooking dinner or lunch make extra portions that can be set aside for your next meal or day. If you don't want to be as strick our methodical how about a big grocery shop on Sunday to prepare for your week? At least stock our Pantry, Car & Desk draw with healthy options to choose from. Remember your nutrition is everything 80% of your results will come from how you fuel your body "You are what you eat!".

5. Hydration, Supplements & Sleep - 2L of Water every day is a minimum your body depends on water for survival. Did you know that water makes up more than half of your body weight? Every cell, tissue and organ in your body needs water to function correctly your body uses water to maintain its temperature, remove waste and lubricate joints. Water is essential for good health. Supplementation can be helpful when you can't reach your macro & micro nutrients through natural foods. Using a clean protein powder is great for post workout. Also a high quality magnesium will help you sleep better, get rid of stress, improve brain function, enhance overall health and well being. These are just a few of the many incredible benefits of getting enough magnesium, add losing belly fat and having a leaner body composition to that list and you have a nutrient that everybody needs to know about. We will be stocking a high quality Magnesium in the studio from now on. Sleep plays an important role in your physical health aim for around 7hrs/day. For example, sleep is involved in healing and repair of your heart and blood vessels. Ongoing sleep deficiency is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke so get some zzzz's everyone.

6. Buddy Up - Your circle of influence determines how motivated and accountable you are to your goals. We have found in previous challenges that the people that partnered up with a friend or loved one also had a higher rate of achieving their goal. Having someone to keep you accountable to exercise whether it is meeting up for boxing, run club or pilates or catching up for a walk outside of the gym followed by a tea or coffee. Having a strong circle of influence can go a long way towards you hitting your 40 Day target so why not invite them to do the challenge with you.


Most of all have fun this is a lifestyle after all not a diet or a detox put simply we want you to sweat every day and nourish you body with foods that your body will love you for. "Take care of your body it's the only place you have to live in"

Shane Cross


Posted on February 16, 2015 .