Top Tips for 40 Days of Fitness Success

Hi Guys,

As you know the Soul PT Mosman 40 Days of Fitness Challenge is right around the corner starting on May 19th. The Team at soul have come up with some top tips for you to maximise your results during the challenge. They are the following -

  1. Think Big! Set a goal that is measurable with your trainer, this must be realistic and achievable towards your lifestyle and the timeline. Make sure its a goal worth changing for! Something you truly want to achieve.
  2. Track your Food! Use tools like My Fitness Pal or a Food Diary to help you achieve you nutrition goals. Your nutrition is 70% of your results whether it be Weight-loss, Fitness, Strength or Energy your food should be tracked. Essentially you are what you eat!
  3. Get Moving! Attend your PT Sessions, Group Exercise and use the Studio as a way to get your 30min daily minimum. There is plenty variety available in our group ex timetable Run Club, TRX w/ Trigger Point Therapy, Boxing, Pilates, Core, Walk Group and our new Strength Classes.
  4. Give it Up! We have the addition of a 40 Day Lent to help you hit those goals! My top 3 options for lent are 1. Alcohol 2. Gluten 3. Dairy. Choose one two or all three if you want to feel the benefits of eating clean!
  5. Accountability! Weigh in weekly & set goals with your trainer. Fill out your 40 day chart every time you are in the studio to mack sure you are on track!
  6. Buddy Up! Bring a friend along to join the challenge. Studies show having a strong circle of influence can help you achieve goals higher than people that are not supportive of your goals. Partner up with someone in the gym to be accountable to as well!
The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do. And what you have to do to get where you want to be may not be pretty or may not come easy...But it will be worth it.

Shane Cross

Want to take the challenge? Call now!

Want to take the challenge? Call now!

Posted on May 7, 2014 .