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Before & After photo. 24 weeks of hard work and dedication. -9.5kgs & lost 12%BF

Before & After photo. 24 weeks of hard work and dedication. -9.5kgs & lost 12%BF

Being naturally competitive I wanted to find a new challenge that was really going to put me completely out of my comfort zone and also as a bit of personal development to make me a better trainer. If I was to be quite frank also I was getting seriously bored with my training as pretty much my entire life I have trained for either big swimming, run or triathlon events! So getting up on stage in heels, fake tan and a bikini was definitely out of my element. J


So the journey began on the 2nd December 2013, I weighed 73kg and was 24% body fat. The journey was going to be 24 weeks and I would step on stage 4th May 2014. I had a trainer to keep me accountable each week who had over 15 years of experience in this field and also competes at an international level. She well and truly was my rock and always there for me for any questions or support I needed along the way – this ranged from “What can I eat at this restaurant?” or “Oh no I have just eaten a whole lot of chocolate power balls, what do I do??” (yes I face the same problems as you sometimes!!) My trainer put together a 24 week plan that comprised of when I needed to pretty much train, eat and sleep. I am a massive creature of habit and thrive on structure so this was perfect for me.


The Diet!

I hate the word diet – why does it instantly have to mean because you like to eat real, clean food that you are on a diet?? The one thing I learnt from following a structured plan, which involved me prepping my 5-6 meals, 7 days/week on a Sunday afternoon for approx. 1hr. I love food and yes it should be enjoyable but in society as a whole we are all spoilt for choice and tend to over indulge (myself included). You have to get yourself in the mindset that you eat purely for fuel, when I look down at my plate im asking myself what energy are you giving me for the day. Throughout the process I faced real problems like everyone else and often had the remarks “What are you on a diet for?” “Why aren’t you drinking?”  “It wont hurt you if you just have a little bit!” I had to cut out dairy, sauces, and dressings and reduce dramatically my fruit intake (fructose).  Here is a typical day for my first 12 weeks:


Meal 1: 40g Rolled Oats, 1 scoop of quality protein powder w/ water

Meal 2: 60g Brown Rice, 150g Fish

Meal 3: 50g Sweet Potato, 150g Lean Turkey Mince

Meal 4: 150g Chicken Breast w/ Salad

Meal 5: 150g Fish/Steak etc. w/ Salad or Fibrous Veggies

Meal 6: 1 Cup of Berries


Meals were eaten every 2-3 hours throughout the day to give me a sustained energy release to keep me strong both physically and mentally.


Every 4 weeks a carbohydrate was taken out of my diet breakfast was replaced with an egg white omelette, then 2 weeks out from stepping onto stage I carb cycled – which enabled my body to utilize fat as a fuel source and help reduce my body fat percentage. The week before was the hardest and consisted of chicken, fish or eggs with asparagus!! The asparagus being a natural diuretic helped dry me out.  The food was probably the hardest because at times all you want to do sometimes is eat a pizza or have some chocolate, but if you TRULY want to achieve a goal whether it be weight loss, muscle gain or fitness you have to be willing to make the sacrifices, I’m not saying im perfect because nobody is and I certainly did have times where I caved into my temptation and experienced some massive blowouts, but what I learnt from it was that what was done is done and now I need to move on and reset and focus myself to get back on track. Even when I did have a cheat meal (once a week for first 16weeks) my body did not change in weight & BF% due to the fact 90% of the time my food was on track and my body enjoyed the treats!


The Exercise!

Probably the part I enjoyed the most! I followed a split program focusing on 1-2 muscle groups per day.


5 x 1hr Weights Sessions Per Week

4-5 x 45min Cardio Session Per Week (3 x HIIT and 2 x Low – Mod)


At the start of my program I felt really strong and saw my strength improving from strength to strength, however in the last phase about last 3 weeks my intensity did start to drop and often constantly felt flat, no strength and often had no motivation to train, this is totally normal for someone stepping on stage for a competition due to the fact I reduced my carbohydrate levels.


The Last Week!

When I first started training this was the part I was most dreading, I am naturally a very introverted person and the thought of having to get up on stage in front of a whole bunch of strangers was really hard for me but also my motivation! But, by about the 3 days out mark I had little to no energy and I just wanted to get up there and enjoy the moment.


Stepping on Stage!

My end result - I lost 9.5kgs and dropped 12%BF in 24 weeks and I feel amazing and have a new found confidence in my body. I can remember my name being called out and getting into my first couple of poses and trying to smile and mask the nerves of my shaking body!! By the time I got to the compulsory rounds of posing I just didn’t care my nerves had gone out the window – I just thought in my mind I had worked way too hard over the past 5months to let that get the better of me. It was also a great feeling of accomplishment having my family, work colleagues and some clients come out to watch me, I truly appreciate it and also my lovely client Elle for doing my make-up on the day!


So what did I learn?

If you have a goal in your health and fitness and you TRULY want to achieve it, you need to ask your self WHY is this goal meaningful to you? & WHAT are you prepared to change to get you there?  HOW are you going to achieve this goal? I can’t stress the importance of having a plan and executing it! I sat with my trainer and we committed to the goal together we both put in 100%! I am quite competitive when it comes to achieving my health and fitness goals and I constantly want to be better than I was before and that is what keeps me going! I now feel a lot more confident as a person and as a trainer. I had a lot of people along the way make negative judgments and comments to me about the clean and healthy lifestyle I prefer to live, but, now I feel a lot more confident in not feeling as though I have to justify my actions for wanting just to be a better person.


What’s Next?

-       Noosa Triathlon November 2014

-       Physique Competition October 2015

-    Helping more women achieve there desired physique through education & execution.

Standing on stage. (forced smile hehe)

Standing on stage. (forced smile hehe)

Back pose!

Back pose!

Posted on May 22, 2014 .