11 unexpected ways sugar sneaks into your “healthy” salad

Do you routinely opt for the salad when out for lunch, because you think it’s healthier than a burger? Well you might be making the wrong choice.

It can be pretty comical to read café menus touting healthy salad dishes when in reality they are completely slathered in sugary ingredients. But you have to know what to look for. Cue this helpful guide on identifying sneaky sugars!

1. Dried fruit. Dried fruit is like fresh fruit but with the water removed, which concentrates the sugars. Dried figs, cranberries and sultanas are common offenders, often containing up to 70 per cent sugar. Don’t forget the sundried tomatoes, they count too!

2. Balsamic vinegar. We hate to break it to you, but on average balsamic dressing is 20 per cent sugar. And more often than not, it contains two to three different types of sugar.

3. Creamy dressings. We’re talking commercial ranch, Caesar and even “whole egg” mayonnaise dressings, especially if they are low-fat. Check out Sarah’s Home Made Mayonnaise instead!

4. Candied nuts. “Honey roasted,” “candied” and “crystalised” should all ring alarm bells. It means one thing: sugar frenzy!

5. Sweet chili sauce. Once you’ve quit sugar you’ll know this stuff is unbearably sweet. A regular sweet chilli sauce contains nearly two and a half teaspoons of sugar per serve – yikes!

6. “Fat-free” yoghurt. Be wary: That dollop of yoghurt on your salad may be a sugar bomb! Did you know, standard fat-free yoghurt can contains up to six teaspoons of sugar per serve?

7. Relish. Whether it be tomato or beetroot relish, they’re usually packed with a ton of sugar. Check out Sarah’s recipe for a sugar-free Beetroot and Apple Relish in her I Quit Sugar For Life book.

8. Glazed meats. This sees perfectly healthy grilled meat corrupted with loads of added sugar. Common culprits include honey-glazed chicken and “Asian” marinated salmon.

9. Asian salads. These are usually doused in palm sugar and other salad dressings. Not the best if you’re trying to quit the white stuff.

10. “BBQ” meat. Barbecued meat is often accompanied by lashings of BBQ sauce, filled with sugar. Check out our Homemade Barbeque Sauce to use instead.

11. Caramelised fruits. We’ve been catching out healthy salads with caramelised pear, apple and peaches. Although it sounds delish, it spells out: sugar-storm. Check out Sarah’s “Salted Caramel” Haloumi and Apple for a fructose-free option.

It’s a long list, we know! So what’s left to say? Well, the good news is that in place of the sneaky sugars there are so many amazing things we can recommend instead.

Why not opt for simple proteins, good fats from avocado, tasty nuts and crunchy seeds and of course a good quality olive oil and lots of fresh veggies. Check out these IQS friendly salads to see for yourself:

source: iquitsugar.com

Posted on December 2, 2014 .