Sarah Wilson's 9 C's of Goodness

40 Days of Fitness is well underway so here are some helpful hint's from Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar -

I found that there were certain foods that helped me through this initial phase. These were high-protein foods or foods that picked me up in some way or were great “treat” foods. They all happened to start with “c”. Funnily enough.

cacao – you can buy raw cacao nibs at health food shops. They’re pure, raw cocoa – an amazing antioxidant that gives you an intense chocolate hit.

chia – add these little protein-y seeds to a smoothie or your yoghurt in the morning. They fill you up and do wonders for your digestion.

chai – oh, yes. Chai tea. The ritual of heating the milk and adding cardamom, cinnamon bark, ginger, licorice, then pouring cup after cup into a nice glass makes for very happy times.

cheese – try this: put a few slices of haloumi in a sandwich press (if you have one in the office, this is a genius technique), or stick under a grill and eat as an afternoon snack.

cinnamon – I sprinkle the powder on things, like my yoghurt. I’m also adding cinnamon nibs to my tea. It’s great for reducing inflammation, too (for anyone else with auto-immune issues!).

coconut water – this stuff is sweet…but contains no fructose. It nips sugar cravings in their tracks. The whole baby coconut is best. But the packaged varieties are good, too.

chicken – I keep a bag of shaved chicken or turkey (from the deli at the supermarket) in the fridge and grab a small handful when my energy slumps a few hours before dinner

coffee – after I quit sugar I was able to drink coffee again. I’d gone off it for three years because it got me too racy. Now I metabolise it just fine. On days I’m missing sweetness in my life I have it with milk. The lactose is lusciously satisfying.  Tip: If you used to drink yours with sugar, try it with stevia. A lot of cafes now provide stevia sachets instead of the nastier fake sugars.

coconut oil – again, very sweet. Add coconut oil to smoothies and cook with it (fry some pumpkin in it…it’s sublime!)


source: Sarah Wilson - I Quit Sugar


Posted on October 13, 2014 .